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effenberg (contribs)2011-03-01 10:35Category Todesangst
Category Terror
Category Fear
2011-03-01 10:34Category Violence
Category Blood
Category Lake
2011-03-01 10:33Category Psychopath
Category Ripper
2011-03-01 10:32Category Search for a Missing Person
Category Forest
Category Night
2011-03-01 10:31Category Hotel Room
Category Hotel
Category Suspenseful
Category Rough
Category Violence
Category Horror
2011-03-01 10:29Anders Jacobsson as Screenplay
2011-03-01 10:27Göran Florén as Original Music Composer
2011-03-01 10:26Henrik Koelman as Producer
Anders Jacobsson as Co-Producer
Tomas Sandquist as Screenplay
2011-03-01 10:25Henrik Koelman as Screenplay
2011-03-01 10:19Mikael Fuchs as Screenplay
Nathan Berry as Screenplay
2011-03-01 10:18Tomas Sandquist as Director
2011-03-01 10:17Language English
Country Sweden
changed Runtime from 0 to 87
release date set to 2010-02-01
2011-03-01 10:14created Insane
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