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Janos_mp (contribs)2009-03-26 11:55Category The Past
2009-03-26 11:49Category Transformation
2009-03-26 11:48deleted category
2009-03-26 11:45deleted category
Category Full Moon
2009-03-26 11:44Category Budapest
2009-03-26 11:42Category Battle
Category Bat
2009-03-26 11:39Category Catacombs
Category Werewolf
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annasita (contribs)2007-07-09 17:46Category Half Vampire
Category Daywalker
Anonymous JHz0rfBjUtS XmGoGvGNTbA2007-07-08 23:45created article Underworld
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schmidt (contribs)2007-07-08 17:27Category Guy Movie
Category Adult
Category Action
Category Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse
Category Vampiremovie
Category Werewolve-Movie
Category Fantasy
2007-07-08 17:21created Underworld