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Return of the Living Dead


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Prestigeww (contribs)2010-10-13 15:44Category Zombiefilm
Category Horror comedy
Category Zombiefilm
Category Slapstick Comedy Film
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-12-24 10:18Category Poison
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-12-20 23:43Category United States of America
2009-12-20 23:42Category 20th Century
2009-12-20 23:41Category Brain
Category Zombie
Category Zombiefilm
deleted category
Category Splatter Film / Gore Film
2009-12-20 23:38release date set to 2005-10-15
2009-12-20 23:34release date set to 1988-01-08
Anonymous BTlFDFI4k/4 Y7hANqSBd+g2009-12-20 21:02release date set to 1985-05-15
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-12-20 20:25created article Return of the Living Dead
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