Little Bigfoot


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guggenheim (contribs)2010-01-23 00:08Category Friendship
2010-01-23 00:07Category Adventure
Category Bigfoot
Category Protection
Category Family
Category Familiy Holiday
2010-01-23 00:06Category Family Life
Category Children's Film
Category Family Film
Category Adventure
Category Comedy
Category Family Comedy
2010-01-23 00:05Gerald Okamura as Actor
Caitlin Barrett as Actor
2010-01-23 00:04Steve O'Connor as Actor
Gregg Brazzel as Actor
Francis Fallon as Actor
2010-01-23 00:03Matt McCoy as Actor
Chris Finch as Actor
Don Stroud as Actor
2010-01-23 00:02Kelly Packard as Actor
Kenneth Tigar as Actor
P.J. Soles as Actor
2010-01-23 00:01Ross Malinger as Actor
2010-01-23 00:00Richard Preston Jr. as Screenplay
Scott McAboy as Story
2010-01-22 23:59Art Camacho as Director
changed Runtime from 0 to 92
release date set to 1995-01-01
Language English
Country United States of America
Company PM Entertainment Group
2010-01-22 23:54created Little Bigfoot
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