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Season 8


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Anonymous +gB/1Rj7bQ/ Y6/4EQeCjvQ2013-10-19 21:55release date set to 1983-05-11
uzi (contribs)2011-04-29 07:53Bruce Broughton as Music
uzi (contribs)2011-04-29 06:33Bruce Broughton as Music
Frank R. Hale as Director of Photography
2011-04-29 06:22Eddie Garrett as Actor
Val Bisoglio as Actor
unknown cast change
Garry Walberg as Actor
John S. Ragin as Actor
2011-04-29 06:21unknown cast change
Jack Klugman as Actor
uzi (contribs)changed inherit_cast to 1
changed name from Staffel 8 to Season 8
bjoernlsa (contribs)2010-10-04 10:54created Season 8