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"Come Fly with Me > 3":

Omar Baba creates a new FlyLo advert with dwarves in after reports that there is no leg room. Flylo ground crew Taaj Manzoor bumps into Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, and tries to show him his movie script. Customs Officers Roberts and Stewart try to work out what to do with a truly massive drugs haul. Ian Foot road-tests his new board game ‘Keep Em Out’. We also meet Penny, Great British Air’s snobbiest employee, as she comes to terms with passengers from the lower classes using her exclusive first-class cabin. Meanwhile Precious has got fake nails which are too long for her so she cannot grip onto anything and is forced to close the coffee shop early. She is then confined to a wheelchair when she has her toes done. Peter and Judith remember another of their ‘holidays from hell’ that included there being no hotel, and Peter getting an upset stomach. Pilots Simon and Jackie are going on different flights, so Jackie’s mum accompanies Simon on his flight to Las Vegas. Moses tells us about his charity WishWings, but then jets off to Mykonos, saying that he will call the ill child when there.

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