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"Come Fly with Me > 6":

Keeley is the only one who is left at the check-in desk, because she is now check-in manager and other FlyLo crew members are on strike. Ian Foot gets suspended after interviewing (and insulting) the Polish Ambassador for the UK. Moses is collecting for charity, and shows us his charity video for Flying Without Wings, but collapses after blowing up a balloon. Tommy attends flying school to try and be a pilot, but fails as he tells them that he has a fear of flying. He then resigns from Happy Burger, walking through the aiport in just his underpants after handing the uniform back and tells of his new ambitions to become a spaceman. Fearghal is nominated for the Steward Of The Year award, hosted by Dale Winton, but after winning it in a tie, and having an enormous strop, he gets fired from Our Lady Air. Penny is demoted to Economy Class on the Orlando flight as no-one is booked in First Class and cannot believe she is made to do this. Omar fires all his staff after the strike, and replaces them with Vietnamese children. Judith and Peter have another Holiday From Hell and are disgusted to find because of the FlyLo strike there is nobody manning the complaints desk, except Peter goes back to the island where they practised Voodoo art. Precious finally has all the supplies for the coffee hut but closes early because of no customers, and eager bar owners chase after people after leaving the bar during their pub quiz. In special services, wheelchair user Corinne Oliver looks after other wheelchair users and is pushed round by helper Bob. Bob then hurts his back and also has to take to a wheelchair. This creates a long line of wheelchair users pushing each other around.

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