Angel Eyes


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denis (contribs)2007-12-29 15:09Category Flop
changed Revenue to 29700000
changed Budget from 38000000 to 53000000
2007-12-29 15:05Category Policeman
Category Car Accident
2007-12-29 15:00Category Drama
Anonymous BWBMt1Ngo0R jq2JfhA9nAQ2007-12-10 16:56created article Angel Eyes
no comment entered
Hen (contribs)2007-12-10 11:39Category Hollywood Film
Category Thriller
Category Drama
Category Romance Film
2007-12-10 11:35Piotr Sobocinski as Director of Photography
2007-12-10 11:34Marco Beltrami as Original Music
Benjamin Sacks as Line Producer
Leslie Weisberg as Associate Producer
2007-12-10 11:33Andrew Stevens as Executive Producer
Elie Samaha as Producer
James A. Holt as Co-Producer
2007-12-10 11:32Don Carmody as Executive Producer
Neil Canton as Executive Producer
Mark Canton as Producer
unknown cast change
Jellybean Benítez as Associate Producer
2007-12-10 11:31Gerald Di Pego as Author
2007-12-10 11:30Luis Mandoki as Director
changed Budget to 38000000
changed homepage from to
changed Runtime from 0 to 102
release date set to 2001-05-15
Language English
Country United States of America
Company Morgan Creek Productions
Company Epsilon Motion Pictures
Company Franchise Pictures
2007-12-10 11:26Shirley Knight as Actor
Monet Mazur as Actor
Victor Argo as Actor
Sonia Braga as Actor
2007-12-10 11:25Terrence Howard as Actor
Jeremy Sisto as Actor