Doctor of Doom


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guggenheim (contribs)2012-01-28 13:27Michael Giaimo as Actor
2012-01-28 13:26Harry Sabin as Actor
2012-01-28 13:25Randy Cartwright as Actor
Cynthia Price as Actor
Darrell Van Citters as Actor
unknown cast change
Chris Buck as Actor
2012-01-28 13:24Brad Bird as Actor
unknown cast change
unknown cast change
Tim Burton as Director
Tim Burton as Screenplay
2012-01-28 13:23Category Creepy
Category Black And White Film
Category Short
Category Student Film
Category Animation Film
2012-01-28 13:22Category Gruesome
2012-01-28 13:21Category Lab
Category Scientist
Category Doctor
changed Runtime from 0 to 10
release date set to 1979-01-01
Language English
Country United States of America
2012-01-28 13:16created Doctor of Doom