Silvestr svobodného pána


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Jo (contribs)2018-02-06 11:37changed external link to
Sundance_Kid (contribs)2012-02-07 13:41Company Ceská Televize
2012-02-07 13:40Category Bachelor
Category Apartment
Category New Year's Eve
2012-02-07 13:39Category Film Produced For TV
Category Comedy
2012-02-07 13:38Jiří Krejčík as Director
Petr Nárožný as Actor
Josef Somr as Actor
2012-02-07 13:37Libuše Šafránková as Actor
Alena Vránová as Actor
Josef Abrhám as Actor
2012-02-07 13:36changed Runtime from 0 to 31
release date set to 1979-01-01
Language Czech
Country Czech Republic
2012-02-07 13:35created Silvestr svobodného pána