Nacht vor Augen


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Jo (contribs)2018-02-13 00:47changed external link to
changed name from Nacht Vor Augen to Nacht vor Augen
annasita (contribs)2008-08-27 09:27Category Student Graduation Film
2008-08-27 09:08alias A Hero's Welcome
Anonymous MG4QHZuNUDN ugSra/oXj1A2008-07-28 20:23Marc Stoppenbach as Steadicam Operator
annasita (contribs)2008-03-02 13:03Language German
Country Germany
Company SWR/Debüt im Dritten
Company Noirfilm
2008-03-02 13:00Category Brother Brother Relationship
Category Black Forest
Category Bundeswehr Soldier
Category War in Afghanistan
Category Debut Film
Category Psychodrama
Anonymous G/Vv/2lx5r/ XqJMkPWPjag2008-02-27 09:28Christiana Grosse as Actor
Michael Prause as Director of Photography
2008-02-27 09:27Boris Michalski as Producer
Didi Danquart as Producer
2008-02-27 09:26Johanna Stuttman as Author
2008-02-27 09:25Bruno Cathomas as Actor
Anonymous fVm0VzDSXgD fsmNdZcp1qQ2008-02-18 12:08Brigitte Maria Bertele as Director
2008-02-18 12:07changed Runtime from 0 to 91
release date set to 2008-02-09
Christian Biegai as Original Music Composer
2008-02-18 12:06Petra Schmidt-Schaller as Actor
2008-02-18 12:05Hanno Koffler as Actor
created article Nacht vor Augen
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created Nacht vor Augen