Mirela Rupic is a famous movie costume desisnger

American fashion and costume designer Mirela Rupic was born on March 21, 1967 in California. Soon after graduating from the Woodbury University in San Diego with a bachelor degree in Art and Design, she launched her first collection. Her early beginnings reflected more of her personal style and individuality, incorporating loud and bright colors, asymmetric lines and a lot of details. In the late 90’s Mirela Rupic was presented with an opportunity that would later change the course of her career, and that was to be costume designer for a fairly popular TV Series.

After her first costume design experience, Mirela Rupic discovered her passion for creating costumes, and in 1999 she managed to join the designers’ team for the film Fight Club. This helped her establish herself as an emerging costume designer, and after a few years she started winning projects as a lead designer. In 2007 she designed the costumes for the TV series Chuck. Before turning 27 she became one of the youngest costume designers to be recognized with an award for her contribution.

Regardless whether it is on stage or on the runaway, Mirela Rupic is widely known for her street-wise edge and uniqueness. The ultimate goal behind all of her creations is serving the client’s needs and making women look and beautiful. Driven by her fashion vision and philosophy, she continues to create extremely wearable and modern pieces that every woman would want them in her closet. Season after season, Mirela Rupic never fails to amaze us with her creativity and thought-out design.

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