Peter van Eyck


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Known Movies:
20 since 1943
Place of Birth:
Steinwehr, Hinterpommern
Day of Death:
1969-07-15 (55 years)
Place of Death:
Männedorf, Schweiz
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20 movies since 1943


1969 - The Bridge at Remagen (Generaloberst von Brock)
1967 - L'homme qui valait des milliards (Muller)
1966 - Living It Up (Peter von Kessner)
1965 - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Hans-Dieter Mundt)
- Duel at Sundown (Don McGow)
- The Dirty Game (Petchatkin)
1964 - Kennwort... Reiher (der Reiher)
1963 - Das große Liebesspiel (Koch)
- Seduction by the Sea (Peter)
1962 - The Devil's Agent (Droste)
1960 - The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (Henry B. Travers)
- Sweetheart of the Gods (Dr. Hans Simon)
1959 - Labyrinth (Ron Stevens)
1958 - The Snorkel (Paul Decker)
- Das Mädchen Rosemarie (Fribert)
1957 - The Glass Tower (John Lawrence)
- Retour de manivelle (Eric Fréminger)
1955 - Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (Dr, Celliers)
1953 - The Wages of Fear (Bimba)
1943 - Five Graves to Cairo (Lt. Schwegler)