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2009-10-12 09:34The Fifth Elementdeleted category
2009-10-12 09:34The Fifth ElementCategory Opera Singer
2007-10-22 09:36The Brave OneCategory New York City
2007-10-22 09:36The Brave OneCategory Abuse
2007-10-22 09:35Naveen_Andrews2.jpgcreated Naveen_Andrews2.jpg
2007-10-22 09:31Hannelore Elsnerchanged abstract (view diff)
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2007-10-22 09:30Hannelore Elsnercreated abstract
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2007-10-22 09:29Hannelore_Elsner_001b.jpgcreated Hannelore_Elsner_001b.jpg
2007-10-22 09:24Viverechanged article Vivere (view diff)
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2007-10-22 09:22Viverecreated abstract
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2007-10-22 09:19VIVERE_Plakat th.jpgcreated VIVERE_Plakat th.jpg
2007-10-22 09:16Vivereunknown cast change
2007-10-22 09:14VivereAngelina Maccarone as Screenplay
2007-10-22 09:13Vivererelease date set to 2007-10-18
2007-10-22 09:13VivereCategory Amateur Movie
2007-10-22 09:13VivereCategory Road Movie
2007-10-22 09:13VivereCategory Coming Of Age
2007-10-22 09:13VivereCategory Social Drama
2007-10-22 09:11VivereCountry Germany
2007-10-22 09:10Viverechanged Runtime from 0 to 102
2007-10-22 09:10VivereLanguage Dutch
2007-10-22 09:10VivereLanguage Italian
2007-10-22 09:10VivereLanguage German
2007-10-22 09:09VivereCategory Rotterdam
2007-10-22 09:09VivereCategory Taxi Driver
2007-10-22 09:08VivereCategory Pregnant Minor
2007-10-22 09:08VivereCategory Lesbian
2007-10-22 09:08VivereCategory Small Town
2007-10-22 09:08Viverecreated article Vivere
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2007-07-01 14:50The Fifth Elementchanged article The Fifth Element (view diff)
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2007-07-01 14:46The HolidayCategory New Year's Eve
2007-07-01 14:46The HolidayCategory Airplane
2007-07-01 14:45The HolidayCategory London
2007-07-01 14:45The Holidaydeleted category
2007-07-01 14:45The HolidayCategory Los Angeles
2007-07-01 14:44The Holidaychanged article The Holiday (view diff)
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2007-06-29 21:22Finding NeverlandCategory Children's Film
2007-06-29 21:22Finding NeverlandCategory Family Film
2007-06-29 21:20Finding NeverlandCategory Burial
2007-06-29 21:12Cameron Diazchanged abstract (view diff)
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2007-06-29 21:11Tilda Swintoncreated abstract
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2007-06-29 21:04Sharon Stonealias Sharon Vonne Stone
2007-06-29 21:03Sharon Stonechanged Birthday to 1958-03-10
2007-06-29 21:03Sharon Stonechanged birthplace from to Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
2007-06-03 17:44Cate_blanchett_crop.jpgcreated Cate_blanchett_crop.jpg
2007-06-03 17:41The GiftLanguage English
2007-06-03 17:41The GiftCountry United States of America
2007-06-03 17:40The Giftalias The Gift - Die dunkle Gabe
2007-06-03 17:38The GiftCategory Dream
2007-06-03 17:36The Giftdeleted category